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We Ensure You Excel In Four Key Areas

Own your audience

The two day course that confirms you speak at your peak in front of anyone. You will present with increased clarity, authority, influence, and presence.

Whether you are a beginner looking to overcome your nerves or an experienced speaker looking to take your skills to the next level, we can help.

You will: learn structure and the secret word patterns of world leaders, develop practical techniques that will enhance your voice and allow you to speak with authority, learn to pitch with confidence, easily memorise long passages, deliver to different audience sizes and demographics, and so much more.

The two-day course is available as one to one training or in a small group. Contact us for more information and prices.

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presentation skills
Presentation Skills

control the matrix

Our flagship twelve week communications course can give you the ability to see what's actually being communicated all around you using non-verbal cues. We will help you persuade, motivate and impress by showing you how to say the right words in person, on an email or in any other form of communication.

Walking into a room of strangers, you'll be able to engage anyone in conversation. You'll learn through detecting verbal and non-verbal cues from clients the directions to take your pitch and the language to use to seal the deal. You'll remove nervousness and anxiety in any social or business scenario, even presenting to hundreds of people.

You'll become more charismatic, confident, and well-connected. You will leave your contemporaries and competitors behind.
If you'd like more information drop us an email and we will send you details of our courses.

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Emotional Intelligence

Do you sometimes feel awkward, anxious, shy or troubled around others? Do you struggle to communicate with the opposite sex? Perhaps your voice isn't being heard in the workplace, or you have difficulty asserting yourself. Our emotional intelligence training can positively impact all of these areas.  You can become more confident, funny and engaging around others. Our training shows you how to win arguments, become charismatic and become the person you want to be: outgoing, confident and popular.  Being able to communicate effectively is a crucial skill in any social or working environment. Learn to maximise these skills, and you'll influence others, build relationships, control conflicts and ultimately be more successful socially and in business.

Imagine being able to confidently chat to anyone you find attractive and strongly influence those conversation outcomes. Perhaps you'd love to be able to present to a small group of your peers or a room full of hundreds of people?  We can help build your confidence and abilities to a point where you actively look for opportunities to stand and talk to an audience.

Start living the life you deserve by emailing us today.

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emotional intelligence


Deliver your company or organisation's message  concisely and precisely over social media or to journalists. Produce powerful media performances, manage difficult and even hostile interviewers and deliver engaging and memorable sound bites.

Appearing on social or traditional media isn't just about sounding good. You are a physical representation of your brand or position, so you need to look good. We can help remove nerves and anxiety, creating a confident and commanding performance both technically and personally.

Crisis management training will allow you to minimise the damage to reputation and legal liability when something goes badly wrong. Your course will show how to assess the right moment to declare a crisis and when to declare it over. The scenarios covered can range from the impact of a single employee doing something catastrophic to multiple fatalities. Each course is tailored to your industry and the unique aspects of your company. Book a consultation today.

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A few words from Steve

I trained initially as a radio journalist with the BBC, then started working for one of the biggest marketing companies in Europe. I returned to the BBC as senior radio and television journalist, training in filming and editing. For the next two decades, I was in front of the camera and microphone for most major broadcasters in the UK whilst writing for national newspapers. Meanwhile, my passion for neuroscience hasn't diminished in over 30 years of study and research. Combining my career path and personal interests has provide me with a 360-degree understanding of this industry.

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“It’s not every day you come across a company with such high standards, Steve and his team excel to spark creativity. It is clear he has a love and passion for the industry and I would recommend Steve McKenna”

Gary Carr (Ministry of Defence)

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“Steve and his team have provided many services to us over the years. With budgets which continuously decreased. Steve was extremely  accommodating and flexible. He brought new and fresh ideas to the table…highly recommended”

Grant Riley - (North Lanarkshire Council)

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“The whole experience was slick from start to finish with Steve pulling the strings and the feedback from my team has been brilliant.”

Scott Gibson - (M.D.Omnitel Communications Ltd)